Massage Precios/Price

Local: 30mits/20 euros 

Mix: 45 mits/ 30 euros 

Full: 60mits/ 40 euros

Facial 60mits/ 45 euros 90mits/ 75 euros

PersonalTrainer 30mits/ 25 euros 60mits/ 40 euros

Yoga 30mits/25 euros/ 60mits/ 40euros /30mits 25 euros

Meditation 60mits/ 40 euros

Self knowledge 90mits/ 65 euros


“We perform relax massage, sport massage and stretching massage ,with”

eastern and western techniques.


Oxygenating facial treatment or treatment with vitamin e, with high quality and effective vegan products.


Personal training for maintenance and also to complete physical objectives.


Individual or group sessions. Asanas, breaths, spiritual meditations .


Meditation with Tibetan bowls, possibility of doing it in a group or individually.

Self knowledge

Personal study that teaches us talents and learnings to carry out in

this material life.